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OWC Mercury Rack Pro 0GB OWCMRP1F8U3EP

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  • SW10825
OWC Mercury Rack Pro 0GB, 1U Multi-Interface 4 Bay Performance RAID Kit OWC... mehr
Produktinformationen "OWC Mercury Rack Pro 0GB OWCMRP1F8U3EP"

OWC Mercury Rack Pro 0GB, 1U Multi-Interface 4 Bay Performance RAID Kit

OWC affordability, reliability, and ease-of-use
in a single 1U rack space.
OWC Mercury Rack Pro RAID 5 storage solutions come pre-configured as a hardware controlled RAID 5 "stripe with parity" array to provide both speed and data protection to meet high-performance demands.

The OWC Mercury Rack Pro RAID 5 consists of four matched SATA hard drives, up to 7200RPM; to provide the longest possible reliability and optimized performance.

Specifically designed to meet the performance demands of video and audio production, the OWC Mercury Rack Pro four Bay RAID 5 solution provides data transfer rates of over 300 Megabytes per second! Using the highest capacity SATA hard drive mechanisms available, and offering Plug & Play simplicity, the possibilities are endless!

Outstanding Features

High Performance
The Custom High Performance Chipset eSATA with Port-Multiplier capability, FireWire 800 (1394B), FireWire 400 (1394A), & USB 3.0 chipset, combined with the fastest SATA drive mechanisms available give OWC Mercury Rack Pro four Bay storage solutions some of the fastest drive transfer rates possible with eSATA exceeding 300 Megabytes per second!

High Reliability
A Top-Notch design using the best components gives the OWC Mercury Rack Pro an industry leading one year warranty and ensures the series is built to last!

The OWC Mercury Rack Pro RAID series offers (1) eSATA port with eSATA Port-Multiplier capability, (2) FireWire 800 (1394B) ports, (1) FireWire 400 (1394A) port, and (1) USB 3.0 port for easy Plug and Play on ANY system! The OWC Mercury Rack Pro RAID even includes all needed connection cables!

Swap Drives at Will
When using the OWC Mercury Rack Pro in Independent mode*, all four drives appear on your system as individual volumes drives, so you can mix and match drives of any size and brand and hot swap** the drives too.

Smart Power
Smart Power regulates power during prolonged periods of inactivity to save operating costs and prolong component lifespan.

Flexible Form
The OWC Mercury Rack Pro can easily be converted to a desktop form-factor via a Phillips screwdriver by simply removing the rack ears and installing the included anti-skid, vibration dampening feet.

*When using in independent mode via eSATA, you must use an eSATA Port Multiplier capable card.
Please see "Recommended eSATA Cards" in SPECS table and check for Port Multiplier compatibility.

**When using in Independent Mode and wanting to switch out one or more drives, ALL drives must be ejected (unmounted) from the Desktop to avoid data corruption.

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